Tactical Advance

Welcome to Tactical Advance. Tactical Advance is a turn based strategy board game. Each turn the controlling player has 3 action points at their disposal. These are spent on actions such as moving or attacking with your units. Additionally, specific Tier 2 units possess more advanced abilities that can be used by spending a point.

Turns are split into distinct phases and at the end of each turn is the Resource phase where the player receives income. Resources are used to purchase additional units or potentially TA Tech cards. Resources are also rewarded for destroying enemy units. The tougher the troop the higher the reward.

While troops can be used as a blunt force weapon to pummel an opponent, the player also has access to an array of cards to help get the job done. These cards come in the form of Equipment, Instants, Items and TA Tech Cards. Used at the right time these cards can turn the game. Cards become an important resource and will be placed during loot drops at set intervals throughout the game.

In most modes the game ends when a Commander is destroyed. This isn’t an easy task as the Commander has the Fast Reflexes ability and gets to take a free shot every time a unit moves into range.

This is just a basic summary of Tactical Advance. Have a look around our website and see for yourself. Be sure to check out our updates page for new information and to get to know our team. In the meantime here is a little context for the world that Tactical Advance takes place in.

In 2086 the first of many objects believed to be meteorites fell to Earth from space. Researchers from many nations raced to be the first to discover the truth behind the mysterious objects.

In the winter of 2089 a scientist from NASA managed to crack open one of the meteorites. What he discovered would change the world forever. What had appeared to be solid rock was in fact an intergalactic storage container.

In the years following the discovery every nation made colossal technological discoveries in the fields of energy and material fabrication. To the public it seemed like a golden age, but those involved in the research and discovery knew different. These materials came from somewhere else and as for their intended purpose…who knows.

The combination of uncertainty and the rapid expansion of military capabilities have led to a kind of shadow war. Satellites are tracking objects falling to Earth and skirmishes are being fought in secret on all borders. Boundaries do not exist when it comes to retrieving these extraterrestrial containers.

But you don’t need to know any of this. Leave the politics to the bureaucrats sitting at home in their comfy chairs. All you need to know is that when you’re on that battlefield you keep your heads screwed on. Only one side is leaving this fight. It’s time to make our first Tactical Advance.

Brief Gameplay Overview

Tactical Advance is a turn based strategy game at its core. Players take turns using their allocated action points to move and attack with their units as well as use a variety of different items and equipment. A player wins the game by destroying all opposing Commanders or hacking a computer space with their infiltrator.

You will have eight types of units that all have different stats and costs leading to a wide variety of strategic options. Reinforcements can be brought with in-game resources at the end of every turn to help bolster your army.

In addition to units you will also be able to use an assortment of equipment, instant items and TA Tech cards that further help to augment your army. Items and Equipment are acquired via loot drops that occur at predefined points in the game. TA Tech cards are the most powerful single cards in the game.